Apr 9, 2010

Zundrew and Jerf's Tile World

Jeff and I have been working on and off on these wood panels that we'll be tiling the newly finished sink with. Working large we go about this business in broad gestures and sloppy indifference getting all digits caked in cheap materials and collage crumbs. We then cut the panels down to 1 foot squares and let the compositions take shape indeterminately. Here are a few that we took pictures of today... More to come to be sure.

this one we had anthony draw on...

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Mar 9, 2010

Titanic in Chicago


Sara is a nice girl. She visited the studio in a blitz today because she is so kind enough to pedal some of our zines at the Chicago zine fair. She is just that type of lady.

She blogs and interviews different artists in the city. Titanic was at our studio last year when we didn't have and running water and were looking up plumbers on craigslist. It is all because of Sara and "Yu" (the real name of our dedicated plumber) that we have running H20. Whats a print studio without water?

Visit Sara at the Chicago Zine FEST from March 12-13 if you are in the city, she has a cute smile. (*not seen in photo)

More info here.

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Printing in circles with Jim Verburg


Artist Jim Verburg came by the studio today to do some printing for his upcoming show in Montreal.

I met Jim last year when I printed some of his work for an older show at Gallery 44. After some catching up we got some colour inspirations from a moldy Polka Saturday Night Record.

Circle film

Jim naturally loved the cover design on some old exercise books Ginette found that we are printing into zines.

He also drooled over this cover from our collection in our loft.



The soundtrack of our printing session, it sounds even better coming out of a Califone.

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Jan 22, 2010

New Halo Halo studio in the fashionably obscure Davenport & Dufferin area

I know this is probably old news to some of you, but maybe this post will serve as news to someone. Anyway - I hope it will at least break the silence of the past couple of months....

Halo Halo has been working on a new studio in an industrial garage in the virtually middle-of-nowhere location of Davenport and Dufferin for a while now. Steps away from the prestigious Galleria Mall, this as-of-yet unnamed pearl sports a larger than usual drying rack, massive light table, modular printing tables/flat file combos, salvaged cast-iron washout sink and a pleasure loft equipped with a growing VHS treasure chest.

Pictures of this sprawling piece of ingenuity can be seen below..
Best of all - we're looking for renters! If you're interested shoot us an email for more details.

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Aug 4, 2009

Good vs Evil

WWW: Good vs Evil Zine 3

Check out this zine from Good vs Evil. It's 84 pages and features the work of 40 artists on the theme 'man vs mescaline.

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