Jan 22, 2010

New Halo Halo studio in the fashionably obscure Davenport & Dufferin area

I know this is probably old news to some of you, but maybe this post will serve as news to someone. Anyway - I hope it will at least break the silence of the past couple of months....

Halo Halo has been working on a new studio in an industrial garage in the virtually middle-of-nowhere location of Davenport and Dufferin for a while now. Steps away from the prestigious Galleria Mall, this as-of-yet unnamed pearl sports a larger than usual drying rack, massive light table, modular printing tables/flat file combos, salvaged cast-iron washout sink and a pleasure loft equipped with a growing VHS treasure chest.

Pictures of this sprawling piece of ingenuity can be seen below..
Best of all - we're looking for renters! If you're interested shoot us an email for more details.

Posted by Zukerman


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