Feb 27, 2009



No, this isn't a photo of an old piece of toast on a film for a Jennifer Castle gig poster. Its a Magic Rub Eraser. Let me skin it: DEADWEIGHT! IS GREAT. Sandi from the Toronto printing duo, has been a guest artist in a couple my past Printing for Illustrators workshops, inspiring my students with her 11x17's. Prolific with the squeegie and spatula, she does high production in her kitchen! Sandi also doesn't own a pressure washer to reclaim screens, so she uses magic and was nice enough to explain her sorcery for us:

Magic Eraser | Unassuming Weapons of Cleanliness!

"Screen printing at home (or anywhere) can get messy. When you print in a small space you need to keep things clean and orderly so you can cook dinner or use your shower afterwards (as well as preserve your boyfriends sanity). I like printing at home - so this is where that muscular, bald man we know as Mr. Clean walks in with his magical eraser. When moistened, the eraser rids various surfaces of unsightly neon paint splashes with minimal physical effort. It sucks up stubborn bits of paint and emulsion from my screens into its porous foam body like it ain't no thang. Apparently the foam was originally introduced by BASF as a material for insulation and soundproofing and was later found useful for cleaning. They're only a couple dollars for a 2 pack at your local grocery/drugstore and have served me well as a cheap, quiet, space friendly alternative to using a power washer. Magic indeed!"

DEADWEIGHT!'s kitchen table. Have you ever hinged clamped your cereal bowl?

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